My Favorite Pilates Props (Holiday Gift Guide)

I say this all the time, but really, all you need for a solid Pilates practice is a Mat.  However, if you want to spice up your Pilates practice and take advantage of more classes within my Membership, here are some of my favorite Pilates props. These also make great gifts during the holidays!

Pilates Mat 

A Pilates mat is thicker than a yoga mat to better protect your spine during all the rolling and articulation exercises we do in a typical Pilates class.  Here is a great option!

Mini Stability Ball

I love this prop for creating resistance as well as providing support.  Super inexpensive and versatile prop. Mini Ball Classes

Resistance Bands

These are great for adding resistance to the upper and lower body and stretching. Resistance Band Classes

Booty Bands (Cloth)/Resistance Loops (Latex)

Great for increasing the challenge in hip and glute work. The cloth or the latex options are both great. Classes that use the Booty Bands or Resistance Loop.

Hand Weights 

I love working the upper body in classes by utilizing hand weights.  Hand weights are also great for abdominal work. I suggest a set of 2-pound weights all the way up to 5 pounds. Hand Weight Classes

TRX (Home/PRO)

I love the suspension trainer (like the TRX). If you want to try out any of my Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) Classes, this is a must-have. I have the PRO, but the Home version is also great. I like the thicker straps on the PRO, but that is just a personal preference. PSM Classes

Magic Circle

A traditional Pilates prop and a fantastic tool for taking your practice to the next level. Magic Circles Classes

Foam Roller

Great tool for release and stability work.  This one is more cost-effective, but it is very dense and a little less forgiving.  No matter what roller you pick, I suggest a full-length (36”) roller that is smooth without bumps or texture. Foam Roller Classes

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