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With over 100+ classes in my membership, you will never be bored with your workout. 

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Are you short on time?

As a working mom, I know how difficult it is to find time for yourself. However, I know (and you know) that even a few minutes of movement can significantly impact our day and life for the better.  My on-demand classes are designed to be both practical and efficient, so you can’t use lack of time as an excuse to miss a workout. 

I already run (cycle, CrossFit…) do I still need to do Pilates?

Think “Pilates and…” not “Pilates Only.” I don’t want you to think you are cheating on CrossFit or your Peloton just because you want to try Pilates.
Pilates complements your other activities, whether you enjoy cardio, weight training, or yoga. Pilates can fit into your lifestyle and is perfect for improving other activities that you already enjoy. Not only does it challenge your body in a different way (which is never a bad thing), but the emphasis that Pilates places on both mobility and stability will make you better at the activities you are already rocking.

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Ever-growing on-demand library of pilates classes and tutorials

Access to over 100+ classes (with new classes added weekly), so you will never be bored or uninspired to work out.  Access includes past challenges and series, including my Pilates Foundation Series and my popular New Year Challenges.  

Classes for all levels and abilities with clear instructions, so you feel like you are right in the studio with me.

All classes provide modifications and variations to meet you where you are currently and challenge you to deepen your practice.  

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Highlights the week’s new classes and previous classes, so you don’t have to pick what classes to take during the week. One less decision, which makes sticking to your practice that much easier.

There is always time to fit in a workout

Classes of varying lengths, so you can always find a workout to fit your busy schedule. Check out the community favorite, “Pilates Quickies,” for a full-body class in 20 minutes or less.

Ability to request a specific class focus to help you reach a particular goal or overcome an obstacle.

I love requests! Suppose you have a particular focus or prop you are interested in seeing a class designed around. In that case, I am more than happy to design a specific class just for you that the entire membership can benefit from and enjoy!

Annual Members receive a free 15-minute coaching call

Annual members receive a free 15-minute goal and strategy call to kick start your membership.

Meet the founder

Why I created my online membership

I believe that Pilates truly is for everyone. Not only that, I know that Pilates makes everything else in your life better.  I also know not everyone has the time or money to devote to in-person Pilates sessions.  Trust me, even as a Pilates instructor, there are days when I struggle to find the time and motivation to get in a complete movement session. Between my kids, the house, and work….the struggle is real!  I know you may feel the same. However, I know (and you know) that even a few minutes of movement can significantly impact our day and life.  

I developed my online Pilates Membership to make Pilates accessible to anyone regardless of their income, time, or experience.  

My monthly membership is $15

That is a fraction of the cost of group classes or private sessions. Plus, you benefit from doing as many classes as you want, whenever and wherever you want.  

If you are short on time

My membership includes classes of varying lengths, so you can always find a workout to fit your busy schedule.

Brand new to Pilates or a seasoned pro

Classes are programmed to be safe and effective for multiple populations and fitness levels. With clear instructions, you feel like you are right in the studio with me. 

What members are saying…


“You totally spoil me with the variety of these classes! I loved the fast nature of this one. It was over before I knew it, and it left me wanting to go back for round two! Thank you, as always, for your creativity with these. So fun and great workout all in one!”


I have taken Lauren’s online classes for several years. Her classes are creative, the right level of challenge, and she offers many differing lengths/styles of Pilates classes. I appreciate how clear she is with her teaching and how she responds to requests for a particular type of class. Highly recommend her as your Pilates instructor!


Loved it! Great full-body workout and the perfect amount of time. Thanks!!

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As a Pilates instructor, I get asked many questions about Pilates, fitness, and health in general.  Here are some of the most popular questions and my answers. 

Q: What is Pilates?

A: Pilates is a mind-body exercise system that utilizes a mat and/or specialized equipment and evolved from the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a low-impact modality that is safe and effective for anyone. Low-impact, however, does not mean easy. Pilates is challenging. Pilates classes typically focus on core activation, pelvic stability, strengthening and mobilizing the spine, scapular stabilizing and mobility, correcting alignment and imbalances, as well as release work and stretching.  After teaching Pilates for nearly a decade, I have never met a person who couldn’t benefit from this method.     

Q: Is Pilates right for me? 

A: I haven’t met anyone that isn’t right for Pilates.  Pilates is for everyone regardless of age (I have multiple clients 65+), weight, fitness level, or gender (yes, guys, Joseph Pilates developed this method, and he was a man). If you are experiencing active pain or are looking to rehab an active injury, I will refer you to a medical professional first to be assessed before starting a Pilates program.     

Q: Do I need to be in shape to do Pilates?

A: NO, (I get this a lot!) “I want to do Pilates, but I need to get in shape first.” Pilates meets you where you are; whether you are an Olympic athlete, postnatal mom, or 60 and brand new to exercise. 

The beauty of one-on-one Pilates sessions is that each class is tailored to your specific needs and goals.  

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: The majority of my sessions only require a mat.  I suggest purchasing a Pilates mat that is slightly thicker than a Yoga mat to better protect your spine.  In addition, I may provide you with a list of suggested props based on your individual needs and goals; however, as long as you have a mat, you can have a great class.   

There are some great inexpensive props that you can purchase (you can see a suggested list of props here). However, you can also substitute many basic household items (think water bottles for hand weights) or just omit the prop entirely and still get a fantastic class. 

Q: Will Pilates tone and strengthen? 

A: Absolutely, Pilates is resistance training, ideal for strengthening and toning your body in a safe, low impact, and effective way.

Q: Is Pilates the same as Yoga?

A: No, Pilates is a unique exercise modality that utilizes the mat and several different apparatus that provide support and resistance. Both Pilates and Yoga are mind-body exercise systems.  Both use a mat.  Both will help you increase strength and flexibility.  However, Pilates is not just a different type of Yoga. 

Q: Does Pilates only work your core?    

A: No, while Pilates emphasizes core control and strength, Pilates is, in fact, a total body workout.  At the end of a Pilates session, you can expect to feel your whole body (in the best way possible).

Is Pilates just stretching? 

A: See Above

Q: Will Pilates help me lose weight? 

A: Maybe, Pilates may or may not help you lose weight.  Any form of movement is great for overall health and weight loss.  Pilates is an intelligent form of movement that will challenge you both mentally and physically, which is key for weight loss.  However, If weight loss is your ultimate goal, I will refer you to a Registered Dietitian or health care provider first.  Then we can work together towards meeting your goals. 

Q: I have quit memberships before; how can I make this one work for me when others didn’t?

A:  Support! I am here (email, text, class comments) to help you not only navigate the classes, but I am also here to help you navigate your health and fitness journey! When you join the membership, you receive a calendar (based on your current fitness activity) that helps you plan your schedule. Additionally, I send out a weekly membership newsletter to highlight the week’s new class, suggest other classes to add to your weekly calendar and provide additional support and inspiration to keep you working towards your goals.  

BONUS: Annual members receive a FREE 15-minute coaching call to jumpstart their membership! 

Q: What makes this membership different from other memberships? 

A: Accessibility! I mean this twofold. First, with over 100+ classes to choose from, no matter what level of experience, you can find a class to fit your needs.  Pilates meets you where you are!  Second, I love hearing from my members, getting their feedback, and building classes based on their requests. I am programming my classes for you! So if you are looking for a specific focus or have a new goal, ask; your wish is my command! 

I hope this helps to answer many of the questions you have regarding Pilates.  If you are still skeptical, or there is something I didn’t answer, please shoot me an email, and I am happy to help!

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