Lauren is a fantastic Pilates teacher!  She varies the workouts with different props and prompts, so every class works out the entire body, but you don’t feel you’re doing the same exercises every time.  She knows the science and philosophy behind what she is teaching. I’d recommend her for anyone from complete beginner to advanced and for individual or group lessons.  She makes working out at the end of a long day a joy!

~Sharon K

If you are looking for an amazing teacher Lauren is it! Her incredible teaching methods and precision is what allowed me to gain strength and definition quickly. Her passion and knowledge is a driving force.

~Lucinda P

I took private sessions with Lauren and absolutely loved it. She adapted the exercises perfectly to my fitness level and gradually increased the intensity to build my strength and flexibility. The exercises were varied from week to week – who knew all the things you could do on a reformer? (Lauren does. She knows them all.)

~Mandy O

Fitness is a very important part of my life. I became pregnant with my first child and continued Pilates for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy (to include a class the day I went into labor). It helped me stay strong and feel fit both before, during and after pregnancy. I was back in my own clothes about 7 days after I had my baby and I attribute that to Pilates. Pilates made me stronger, leaner, more flexible and better balanced. Lauren is an extremely knowledgable instructor and I felt extremely confident working out with her during my pregnancy. She is positive, encouraging and will help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend any class Lauren offers!


[Lauren] is an amazing instructor that is clearly dedicated to her craft. She loves to see the progression of her clients and it shows. She gets down right giddy when someone gets a move we’ve been struggling with. During the course of the time I have been taking Lauren’s class, I’ve unfortunately had running related injuries. She was able to give me modifications during class and then moves to work on at home to aid in my recovery.


Lauren has a natural gift of teaching and her knowledge of the human body and different workouts blows my mind. In the entire time I have been going I have never had one session similar from another. For me, that keeps things fresh and new and I feel stronger as each week goes by. Every class I have been to whether group or private I always get a full body, 1 hour workout. Lauren cares 100% about her clients’ health and has us check on form constantly so we don’t hurt ourselves. She is hard working and dedicated to her job; you can tell she really loves teaching the art of Pilates to people. If I could follow her around the world to teach me I would!


Lauren brings a calm, witty approach to every pilates class. Her group mat classes are fun yet challenging as she quietly suggests ‘just 4 more’. When I had some back problems she was able to modify the exercises within the group setting but still finds ways to keep me challenged


Lauren was my first experience with Pilates reformer training and I am hooked. She does an amazing job at customizing the workouts to her clients strengths as well has helping to improve your weaknesses.


Lauren is a very patient and supportive teacher of Pilates. I started about 8 months ago and thanks to her encouragement, she’s inspired me to want to continue. She’s very attuned to her students’ abilities, injuries, and limitations and makes the necessary accommodations and adjustments to ensure students are getting the most out of the class. She’s fantastic!

~Jose S

Lauren has been a phenomenal Pilates instructor. I was new to Pilates when I started and was looking for some cross training to complement my triathlon training. Lauren’s calm, patient, encouraging demeanor not only helped me learn the reformer exercises, the strength I gained in my arms and core improved my overall swim times! I found myself looking forward to every class not only for the tough, but tailored workout, but also for the fun discussions we had through the classes. I would highly recommend Lauren to Pilates newbies and experts alike. She has been an amazing coach and friend who I will miss dearly when we move.

~Jody C

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