On-demand and individualized PILATES sessions that inspire you to MOVE BETTER, get STRONGER and live the LIFE YOU WANT

Are you in the right place?

Are you brand new to Pilates and/or exercise or coming back after a hiatus or injury but don’t know where to start?

Are you an athlete looking to cross-train and elevate your performance? Have you heard how Pilates can elevate your game and are ready to see for yourself?

Are you a soon-to-be or new mom committed to prioritizing your fitness during pregnancy and into motherhood?

Are there activities (think: running, skiing, biking, or just keeping up with your kids) you enjoy and want to continue to enjoy without pain or limitation for years to come?    

Congrats, you are absolutely in the right place; let’s get started!

Pilates makes every aspect of your life better; not saying Pilates is perfect, but it’s pretty darn close!

– Lauren Mark

Lauren Mark teaching a private Pilates session
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Meet Lauren

After teaching Pilates for close to a decade worldwide, I have been fortunate to meet and teach people from every walk of life, all with unique challenges and aspirations. I have trained triathletes, stay-at-home-moms, men, women, people who love exercise, and people who thought they hated exercise. My clients have become stronger (both physically and mentally), alleviated pain, decreased stress, and improved their overall quality of life.  Watching these transformations has strengthened my belief that movement does heal.  

I believe that Pilates truly is for everyone. Not only that, I know that Pilates makes everything else in your life better. I am committed to presenting you with an individualized, fun, and challenging class that will help you reach YOUR goals!


Lauren is a fantastic Pilates teacher!  She varies the workouts with different props and prompts, so every class works out the entire body, but you don’t feel you’re doing the same exercises every time.  She knows the science and philosophy behind what she is teaching. I’d recommend her for anyone from complete beginner to advanced and for individual or group lessons.  She makes working out at the end of a long day a joy!


Lauren is the most encouraging Instructor you could ever ask for. She has an amazing knack for meeting you where you are and challenging you to do the best you can.  I’d recommend her for anyone from complete beginner to advanced and for individual or group lessons. I can honestly say you will not regret trying a class with Lauren.


I became pregnant and continued Pilates with Lauren for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy (including a class the day I went into labor). It helped me stay strong and feel fit both before, during, and after pregnancy. I was back in my own clothes about 7 days after I had my baby, and I attribute that to Pilates. Pilates made me stronger, leaner, more flexible, and better balanced!

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Let’s Get Moving

I genuinely believe that Pilates is for everyone and can make every aspect of your life better. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is pretty darn close! I am committed to presenting you with challenging and fun classes to keep you motivated and inspired to reach YOUR goals and live life on your terms!

Online Pilates Video Streaming Membership

Online Pilates Membership

If you like the convenience and variety of a growing on-demand library of hundreds of Pilates classes, all from the comfort and privacy of your home, my Online Pilates Membership is ideal for you.

Virtual Private Sessions

Do you need more accountability and personalized coaching to stay motivated and on track with your workouts?  It is hard to beat the one-on-one attention and accountability you get with regularly scheduled private sessions.

Pilates Programs

Pilates Sculpt Program

6-class program designed to give you the resistance training benefits of Pilates studio equipment from your home by utilizing small props. 

Do More with Pilates

4-week program to help you build strength and increase your energy to prepare you for whatever life throws your way! Ideal for those who want a more structured approach with one upper-body, one lower-body, and one full-body class a week. 

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