“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

– Joseph Pilates

As an instructor, I love to teach people who are ready to make a change. Maybe you are starting from scratch, jumping back in after a break or taking your practice or fitness to the next level.  I will curate your Pilates sessions so they meet you where you are; and after only a few sessions, you’ll see how far you can go. 

For those new or returning to fitness, we will continually work towards what I call “the shift.” The moment when exercise goes from being a chore to being a commitment, from something you have to do, to something you don’t want to miss.  I am committed to helping every client I teach find that moment.  It is life changing, and I want that for you.  For my athletes and weekend warriors, we will diligently work towards helping you to elevate your game; empowering you to overcome plateaus and setbacks so you can reach your goals.

No matter your fitness and health goals, I know Pilates can help you alleviate pain, increase stamina, build strength, and decrease stress; helping you to feel and move better.  As an enthusiastic, caring, and devoted instructor, I promise to champion your successes and support you during your setbacks.  My ultimate goals are your goals.  Let me show you how good you can feel in your own body and how well it can work for you.


In order to serve her clients, no matter where they are located in the world, Lauren teaches private, duet and group sessions virtually.

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