Virtual and in-person Pilates sessions with Lauren that will give you the individualized support and personalized instruction to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey or returning to exercise after a hiatus, whether you are an athlete or pre/postnatal woman, let’s get started on your Pilates journey!


Why Private Pilates sessions are hard to beat?

Private Pilates sessions are individualized and tailored to your own unique needs and goals.  In a one-on-one setting, we can design your class to meet those needs, maximizing your results and helping you reach your goals faster.  

Maximized Results

Private sessions are the best way to maximize your results because sessions are individually tailored to your unique needs and goals. 


Regularly scheduled sessions with an instructor mean someone (me) is waiting for you to show up. This is a powerful motivator that will make you less likely to skip a workout.


Sessions are conducted within the privacy of your home or my private studio; you can relax and enjoy your class.

how you can work with me

Sessions Types

I genuinely believe that Pilates is for everyone and can make every aspect of your life better. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is pretty darn close! I am committed to presenting you with challenging and fun classes to keep you motivated and inspired to reach YOUR goals and live life on your terms!

Private Sessions

There is no substitute for private one-on-one instruction tailored to your specific needs and goals. After your initial session, we will develop a plan that will ultimately give you the results you desire.

Duet Sessions

Duets are a cost-effective way to receive more personalized instruction and are ideal for two friends or family members wishing to take classes together. Duets are still highly personalized to each person’s individual needs and goals.

Group Classes

Group classes are a fun, social, and affordable way to receive all the benefits of the Pilates method. Group classes are offered online so that you can join the class from your home or office. Contact me for current class schedule.

Happy Clients

“Lauren is an amazing pilates instructor! Private sessions with her are something that I really look forward to every week. She is passionate about Pilates and teaching and really knows how to help and motivate her clients. Always very pleasant, considerate, and personable, with a positive vibe! I can definitely notice the change in the way my body feels and how I’m improving steadily with her help. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy my sessions with her. (Honestly, I would ask her to teach me every day if I didn’t have to go to work!).”

“Lauren is a very patient and supportive teacher of Pilates. I started about 8 months ago, and thanks to her encouragement, she’s inspired me to want to continue. She’s very attuned to her students’ abilities, injuries, and limitations and makes the necessary accommodations and adjustments to ensure students are getting the most out of the class. She’s fantastic!”
– Jose

“If you are looking for an amazing teacher Lauren is it! Her incredible teaching methods and precision allowed me to gain strength and definition quickly.  Her passion and knowledge is a driving force.”
– Lucinda

“[Lauren] is an amazing instructor that is clearly dedicated to her craft.  She loves to see the progression of her clients, and it shows. She gets downright giddy when someone gets a move we’ve been struggling with.  During the time I have been taking Lauren’s class, I’ve unfortunately had running-related injuries. She was able to give me modifications during class and then moves to work on at home to aid in my recovery.”
– Christina

“Lauren brings a calm, witty approach to every Pilates class. Her group mat classes are fun yet challenging as she quietly suggests ‘just 4 more’. When I had some back problems, she was able to modify the exercises within the group setting but still finds ways to keep me challenged”
– Stephanie

“Lauren has been a phenomenal Pilates instructor. I was new to Pilates when I started and was looking for some cross-training to complement my triathlon training. Lauren’s calm, patient, encouraging demeanor not only helped me learn the reformer exercises, the strength I gained in my arms and core improved my overall swim times! I found myself looking forward to every class not only for the tough but tailored workout but also for the fun discussions we had throughout the classes. I would highly recommend Lauren to Pilates newbies and experts alike.”
-Jody C

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As a Pilates instructor, I get asked many questions about Pilates, fitness, and health in general.  Here are some of the most popular questions and my answers. 

Q: What is Pilates?

A: Pilates is a mind-body exercise system that utilizes a mat and/or specialized equipment and evolved from the teachings of Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a low-impact modality that is safe and effective for anyone. Low-impact, however, does not mean easy. Pilates is challenging. Pilates classes typically focus on core activation, pelvic stability, strengthening and mobilizing the spine, scapular stabilizing and mobility, correcting alignment and imbalances, as well as release work and stretching.  After teaching Pilates for nearly a decade, I have never met a person who couldn’t benefit from this method.     

Q: Is Pilates right for me? 

A: I haven’t met anyone that isn’t right for Pilates.  Pilates is for everyone regardless of age (I have multiple clients 65+), weight, fitness level, or gender (yes, guys, Joseph Pilates developed this method, and he was a man). If you are experiencing active pain or are looking to rehab an active injury, I will refer you to a medical professional first to be assessed before starting a Pilates program.     

Q: Do I need to be in shape to do Pilates?

A: NO, (I get this a lot!) “I want to do Pilates, but I need to get in shape first.” Pilates meets you where you are; whether you are an Olympic athlete, postnatal mom, or 60 and brand new to exercise. 

The beauty of one-on-one Pilates sessions is that each class is tailored to your specific needs and goals.  

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: The majority of my sessions only require a mat.  I suggest purchasing a Pilates mat that is slightly thicker than a Yoga mat to better protect your spine.  In addition, I may provide you with a list of suggested props based on your individual needs and goals; however, as long as you have a mat, you can have a great class.   

There are some great inexpensive props that you can purchase (you can see a suggested list of props here). However, you can also substitute many basic household items (think water bottles for hand weights) or just omit the prop entirely and still get a fantastic class. 

Q: Will Pilates tone and strengthen? 

A: Absolutely, Pilates is resistance training, ideal for strengthening and toning your body in a safe, low impact, and effective way.

Q: Is Pilates the same as Yoga?

A: No, Pilates is a unique exercise modality that utilizes the mat and several different apparatus that provide support and resistance. Both Pilates and Yoga are mind-body exercise systems.  Both use a mat.  Both will help you increase strength and flexibility.  However, Pilates is not just a different type of Yoga. 

Q: Does Pilates only work your core?    

A: No, while Pilates emphasizes core control and strength, Pilates is, in fact, a total body workout.  At the end of a Pilates session, you can expect to feel your whole body (in the best way possible).

Is Pilates just stretching? 

A: See Above

Q: Will Pilates help me lose weight? 

A: Maybe, Pilates may or may not help you lose weight.  Any form of movement is great for overall health and weight loss.  Pilates is an intelligent form of movement that will challenge you both mentally and physically, which is key for weight loss.  However, If weight loss is your ultimate goal, I will refer you to a Registered Dietitian or health care provider first.  Then we can work together towards meeting your goals. 

I hope this helps to answer many of the questions you have regarding Pilates.  If you are still skeptical, or there is something I didn’t answer, please shoot me an email, and I am happy to help!

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