Pilates Jumpstart

Build the foundation of your Pilates practice with this series! Have no fear if you are brand new to Pilates or even exercise; you are my absolute favorite person to teach and are in the right place.  My 3-part Pilates Jumpstart will get you started on your health and fitness journey while introducing you to … Read more

2021 New Year Challenge

20 Mins (none) Beginner Welcome to Day 1 of the 2021 New Year Challenge.  Let’s start the New Year off with some fun movement. I am so excited to have you here. These classes are designed to be progressive but also accessible to everyone. I have tried to give modifications where appropriate but please let … Read more

2020 New Year Pilates Challenge

Welcome to the 2020 New Year Pilates Challenge! In January 2020, I did a 5-day Pilates Challenge to jump-start your health and fitness for 2020. Here are all five classes in one place for you to try out! Class 1: Abdominals 20 Mins (None) Everyone Class1 is a quick full-body workout that focuses on the abdominals. Class 2: … Read more

3-Part Pilates Beginner Series

Class 140 Mins (None) Beginner  I firmly believe that Pilates is for everyone; however, I know that starting any new exercise modality can be overwhelming. This is the first class in my 3-part Pilates Beginner Series. This is a great class for those brand new to Pilates or for anyone who is reacquainting themself with … Read more

Full Body in 30

Get immediate access to a total body workout in ONLY 30 min!