Will Pilates help you reach your goals?

While Pilates is absolutely for everyone, and I know that everyone could benefit from a Pilates practice, it doesn’t mean it is always the most effective way for you to reach your goals.  Since it’s essential to make a plan when you are trying to reach a goal.  Here are some frequent goals my clients have and how they (and you) can use Pilates to reach them. 

Weight Loss: Will Pilates Help me Lose Weight?

Maybe. Pilates is low-impact resistance training, which is fantastic for almost anyone.  It doesn’t put excessive strain on your joints and can be adapted to accommodate injuries or physical limitations. However, it is not the type of workout that will torch 500 calories in a 50 or 60-minute class, as HIIT or cardio training does.  With that said, Pilates will help you build strength and endurance, which will go a long way toward reaching your weight loss goals. 

Strengthen and Tone: Will Pilates Help me Increase Strength and Tone?

YES! Without a doubt, Pilates is fantastic for increasing strength and tone.  Pilates is a form of resistance training. Resistance training is an exercise that requires you to push or pull against external resistance.  This can be accomplished with weights like traditional gym workouts, springs, bands, or even gravity, like Pilates.  We use the springs when we are working on the Pilates apparatus, but on the mat, we can use a variety of props (balls, bands, hand weights, etc.) to achieve a similar effect.  

Feel Better and Connect Deeper with your Body: Can Pilates Help Me Feel Better?

Movement really does heal.  I cannot say that enough.  We live in a very sedentary time, so any movement is good movement.  Pilates is a mind-body exercise system.  You must connect your movement with your mind to get the most out of your practice.  Unlike Yoga, Pilates does not have a spiritual component; however, it helps you create a deeper connection with your body.  It helps reduce stress and discover the power of your breath to help you overcome challenges on and off the mat. Without a doubt, if I am feeling sluggish, lethargic, or overwhelmed, a quick Pilates session can immediately reduce those feelings.

If you struggle with physical pain like low back pain, neck tension, or general tightness in your body, Pilates will become your best friend.  It can help you alleviate pain and tightness by helping you build strength, correct imbalances, and increase flexibility.  

Fear of Working Out: I am scared to start exercising and don’t know where to start. Can Pilates help me? 

Pilates meets you where you are, so it doesn’t matter if you are a world-class athlete, a new mom, or someone who has never exercised a day in your life; Pilates can and will help you. First, the barrier to entry can be very low.  All you need to start a Pilates practice is a mat. You can do Pilates from the comfort of your own home, either virtual one-on-one or with on-demand workouts.  This is ideal for someone nervous about stepping into a gym or studio for the first time. 

Second, the work can be adapted to meet any level.  I can teach the same exercise to two completely different people with different fitness levels, and they will both be challenged. 

How great is that?  Lastly, the low-impact nature of Pilates means that no matter your current fitness level or physical ability, you shouldn’t fear an injury setting you back from reaching your goals. Can you get hurt doing Pilates? Yes, you can get hurt when done incorrectly without the guidance of a trained professional.  However, unlike high-impact exercise that puts a lot of external force on your body, the likelihood of injury should be low. 

I have dedicated my life to teaching this method, so I believe in the power of Pilates to empower anyone to reach their goals. If you have specific goals not addressed above, reach out to me, and let’s see if Pilates can help you. 

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