Props List

Pilates Mat:

A Pilates Mat is thicker than a Yoga mat (at least 1/2 inch thick) to better protect and cushion the spine during rolling exercise.  This is especially important if you are working on hard floors. If you have a plush carpet, a yoga mat will work.  

Mini Stability Ball:

An incredibly versatile prop for adding support or challenge to countless exercises.

Resistance Band:

Great for a stretch or helping to add support or strength work to your mat class.

Resistance Loops (Latex)/Booty Bands(cloth):

Increase the burn for your leg and hip work. Both the latex and the cloth bands work great. 

Hand Weights:

2 pounds is ideal for anyone and an easy way to add extra resistance to your upper body work.


If you want to take advantage of my Virtual PSM classes or on-demand PSM classes, you will need a suspension trainer like the TRX. This versatile piece of equipment will help you reap the benefits of the reformer, tower, or barre from the comfort of your own home.

Magic Circle:

A traditional Pilates prop and a fantastic way to take so many exercises to the next level.

Foam Roller:

Great tool for release and stability work.  This one is more cost-effective, but it is very dense and a little less forgiving.  No matter what roller you pick, I suggest a full-length (36”) roller that is smooth without bumps or texture.

Full Body in 30

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