My Goals for 2024…

Happy New Year 2024!

The common theme in January every year is goal setting and resolutions.  I am very goal-oriented, so this time of year is empowering, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. Instead of offering you a lot of advice on what you should be aiming for in 2024, I thought I would start this year’s blog post off by sharing my goals for 2024. 

A little context: 2024 is going to bring a lot of changes for my family and business. We will wrap up our time in Slovenia in the next six to seven months. My husband’s job ends here in the summer of 2024, and we will relocate to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This will be our 9th international move since 2007. Having never lived in Pennsylvania, I know this move will bring unique challenges, including finding a place to live and schools for our boys. From the business side, I am excited to return to teaching more in-person sessions. Living in Slovenia, the work requirements do not allow me to teach a full schedule, and I am itching to get back to seeing more in-person clients.  Have no fear; I will continue to offer robust programming for my online members, and virtual clients will have even more flexibility as I return to the Eastern time zone. 

So, with all that out of the way, let’s get to some goals. Remember, my goals don’t need to be your goals. If you set goals, ensure they align with your values. 

  1. Continue prioritizing my health and fitness: this is my number one goal every year.  With the stress of moving, I will lean on my health and fitness routine a lot this year to keep me focused and manage mental and physical stress. 
  1. Focus on nutrition: I completed my nutrition coaching certification in 2023. I am excited to put it to use this year, not only with clients but also myself. I aim to dial in my nutrition to see how my body responds. This isn’t about weight.  For me, this is about seeing how good I can feel and how well I can function in my 40s and manage the stress I know is coming with our move. 
  1. Read 52 books: If you didn’t know, I am a big reader. Reading is right up there with exercise when it comes to stress relief. I set my Goodreads goal for 52 books this year, which means I need to finish a book a week. I’m a fast reader and know there will be weeks to finish more than one book, but I also know there will be weeks I can’t get in front of my Kindle as much as I would like; 52 seems manageable.  If you like to read, let me know your favorite books! I am just about to start the Kindred’s Curse series by Penn Cole, and I hope to finish that series before I start my rereading Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series in anticipation of the third book that comes out on January 30th. 
  1. Launch my first standalone Pilates Program: By the end of January, I will launch my first two stand-alone Pilates programs, Pilates Sculpt and Do More with Pilates. I have never offered standalone programs and am excited to expand my offerings in 2024. You will have access to both programs as part of your membership if you are a member.
  1. Travel: we will be wrapping up our time overseas for the foreseeable future this year, so we need to take advantage of travel as much as possible. So far, I have planned a mom-and-son Harry Potter-themed trip to London in March and a family trip to Greece in early June before our move. We may have time for one more trip somewhere and are considering a trip to one of the Nordic countries. 
  1. Do an unassisted pull-up: this was on my goal list for 2023, and I let it drop. With the triathlon planning, it got pushed aside, and I am rededicating myself to finally being able to do a pull-up in 2024. 

Ok, I am sure these goals will change, and I will add or subtract as we progress through 2024; however, this is where I am starting. 

Now, I have a few questions for you:

Do you like to set goals or resolutions in the new year?

What are your goals for 2024?

How can I help you reach those goals?

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