My favorite way to create classes for my membership and why you should care…

There are a lot of online Pilates and fitness memberships out there for you to choose from, from big corporations like Peloton, Beach Body, and even Apple to independent platforms (like yours truly) whose members join because of the personal connection they feel with their instructor or the style of teaching. 

I created my online Pilates membership because I know everyone can benefit from Pilates, but I am also well aware that only some have the time or money to devote to in-person Pilates sessions. My Online Pilates Membership aims to make Pilates accessible to anyone, regardless of income, time, location, or experience, while providing personalized support. 

I have 140+ classes on my membership currently. Many of the classes are inspired by my journey in the method, exercises, or movements that I have personally struggled with or types of exercises that have proved particularly helpful. However, my absolute favorite classes to program and film are inspired by my real-life clients and members. I love when a client reaches out and says, 

“Hey Lauren, I am unable to do crunches right now. Can you program a class that works my abdominals without flexion?” 


“Hey, I just picked up a pair of hand weights. Can you film some new classes incorporating hand weights for beginners?” 

I love these requests and am always happy to comply. The great news is that not only does this particular client get the individual attention they need and want, but the entire membership also gets access to this class. Personalized attention is what sets my membership apart from more prominent membership platforms. It’s a win for everyone. This is not a one-size-fits-all membership. My members can shape the programming and gain more from their experience. 

Remember when you were in school and teachers said, don’t be afraid to ask a question; chances are someone else has the same question, and you will be helping everyone out. Well, that couldn’t be more true.  I have found this model to be an incredibly effective way to program classes so people get the individual attention they want without paying for private instruction.

Here is an excellent example of a client request, 

“Hey Lauren, I liked your push-up series in the fall. Can you do a similar series on the roll-u”? I have always struggled with that exercise, and I could use some help. I’m a busy Mom, so could you make the classes 30 minutes or less?

Or something as simple as, 

“More classes without flexion, please!”

So the next time you set a goal or find yourself working on a particular issue, don’t hesitate to ask for help. This is your membership as much as mine. Please email me or drop a comment in one of the classes and let’s continue to grow stronger in our own practice and as a community. 

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