Making and Achieving Goals in 2023

So, we are closing in on the end of January 2023.  How are your 2023 goals going?

If you aren’t where you want to be, or maybe you have already thrown in the towel, listen up!

Remember, this is a goal for the whole of 2023, not just for January. Give yourself some grace, and let’s make a game plan.

Here are my top two tips for making and achieving goals:

Tip #1

Start small! 

Big goals may seem like a good idea, but they can also be overwhelming. I’m certainly not saying don’t have big goals (shoot for the stars, my friend). 

If you have a big goal for 2023, make it more manageable by breaking it down into smaller goals. This does two things, it keeps you from burning out and forgoing the plan altogether and allows you to celebrate yourself along the journey to the bigger goal. Feeling accomplished and successful keeps you moving forward toward that big goal.

Let’s say you have a 2023 goal of daily workouts.  Start small by trying to work out twice a week and then slowly build until you can reach your goal of daily workouts.  Starting small makes a change more manageable.  It allows your body and mind time to adapt to the change. 

So, you have taken your big goal and broken it down into manageable steps that you will celebrate on your path to success.

Tip #2:

Ask for help.

People with support are way more likely to accomplish their goals.  Asking for help keeps you from wasting time spinning your wheels. This can be a trusted professional or a good friend who has been where you are and has come out on the other side where you want to be.  

Big goals are worth achieving, and anything worth doing is worth doing right. Having someone to provide advice and accountability will help you keep progressing toward your goals, particularly when your motivation drops.  Professionals can also help you fine-tune your actions and guide you on a path best suited to your needs.  

This space can be overwhelming if you are brand new to exercise and fitness.  It can be hard to know where to start and what modes will be more effective when reaching your individual goals. A trusted and knowledgeable professional and help you weed thru the garbage and identify options that are best suited to you. The paralysis of overwhelm is real. Don’t let it keep you from reaching your goals in 2023. 

I hope these tips are helpful.  Let me know your goals for 2023 and what steps you take to reach them. 

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