Lacking motivation…How small steps lead to significant action.

We can’t always count on pure motivation to get it done. Even the most motivated people on the planet will have days when they don’t want to work out. If you are new to working out or coming back from a bit of a hiatus, it can be extra challenging to find the motivation.

I would consider myself reasonably motivated (at least when it comes to working out); however, there are many days, especially over the past year and a half, when I don’t want to get up early or get off the couch and work out. Even though I know, I will be glad I did it, and I know it is precisely what my body and mind need.  

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and I heard something that resonated with me, “you cannot count on motivation but can always count on action.”  

So how do you start taking action to overcome that lack of motivation?  

Start with small steps that take you off the couch, away from your desk, etc. For me, this is as simple as taking ALL my cups (gotta hydrate) to the kitchen and putting them in the dishwasher. I have accomplished something and note it has nothing to do with actual exercise.   

Next, I might try and tidy up the kitchen or living room. Ok, I have completed a second task, and I feel accomplished. 

Now let’s take a small step towards actually working out. Commit to putting on your workout clothes (who am I kidding, I live in leggings like I am perpetually on my way to work out, but perhaps you have a more varied wardrobe).  

Next, I decide what workout or route I will attempt before stepping foot in my studio or outside the front door. Pick something that will fit in the amount of time you have (even if it is only 15 minutes) and the equipment you have readily available (mat, running shoes, etc.). Now, this can sometimes be overwhelming (for me too), so I make that another small action but don’t overthink it 

Lastly, congratulate yourself because all your small actions have added up in a big way, and you are ready to work out. Don’t get me wrong, I know this is HARD, but I promise if you start with small actions that might have nothing to do with actually working out, you gain a sense of accomplishment that will elevate your mood and perhaps get you into your actual workout. Small steps can add up to significant action when you lack motivation.  

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