How Pilates Empowers Women On and Off the Mat

As a Pilates instructor, I constantly stress the importance of building strength and flexibility (both physically and mentally). I am also keenly aware that most of your life exists outside the studio. While it is incredible to see you master your roll-up and conquer your fear of push-ups, I am more excited about how that work translates into a fuller and healthier life outside the studio. Everything we do in the studio is designed to improve your life outside the studio. 

Let’s talk about two ways I think Pilates does just that!


Physically, balance is the foundation of every movement. Whether reaching for a high shelf or navigating uneven terrain, your body relies on balance to stay upright and steady. But balance isn’t just about preventing falls; it’s about moving with intention and control, fostering a deep connection between mind and body. Our work in the Pilates studio or at home on your mat through the membership is designed to strengthen your center while allowing your arms and legs to move with control and fluidity. When you are moving through life, balance requires a strong, stable center, but it also requires your body to adjust to whatever life throws at you, from legos on the stairs to scaling a rugged hike.

Strength and Flexibility 

Every time we step onto the mat, we build strength and improve our flexibility. Both are essential as we walk, run, and carry ourselves (perhaps kids, groceries, etc.) through life. You want to make sure that you bend, not break, that even when you trip, you can catch yourself, and if you do fall, you are strong enough to get back up without pain and injury. 

Life is tough, and your workout needs to challenge you similarly. No one who has ever done a Pilates class would say it is easy. It is challenging work that requires perseverance. As we flow through each exercise, we learn to harness the power of our breath, center ourselves in the present moment, and tap into our inner reservoirs of resilience. These are the same skills we need to stay strong and flexible in our lives outside the studio and away from our mat. 

So, while I love to see you master the fortitude needed for the Hundred and gain the strength and balance essential to hitting that perfect Teaser, what I am more excited about is how the skills you learn and the strength you are building on the mat translate into a better life for you off the mat. 

Think about all the goals you have for yourself. You may want to be strong and healthy enough to travel around the world well into your golden years, or you may want to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. I had a client who wanted to ensure that his son continued to be unable to beat him in the 100-meter dash well into his 40s. Whatever your goal, no matter how big or small, I know Pilates can help you reach it. 

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