Overcoming Quarantine Fatigue to be Stronger and More Adaptable

I have talked about the importance of having a solid foundation so you can weather any storm. If you have realized (like so many of us) that you are not prepared to weather this storm (honestly who was?!) or perhaps this pandemic has done a number on your foundation….why not make a change for the better now?!

Where have you really struggled during the last few months? If it is health and fitness related, you are not alone.

For me, this period of physical separation has been challenging both personally and professionally. Personally, my anxiety, fear, and depression put me in a cycle of overindulging (both with food and alcohol) which contributed to some pretty epic wallowing and self-pity. I was using the current crisis to justify and allow some of my less than stellar habits and tendencies to sneak back into my life. I think we are all guilty of this at one time or another, even without a global crisis to blame.

So almost 4 weeks ago I made a deal with myself that I wanted to make a change, and that this pandemic wasn’t going to own me. I wasn’t going to let it change my goals anymore.

So what are my personal goals? Simply put, I want to nourish my body and mind so I can be the best possible version of myself. My family, friends and clients deserve nothing less.

Where to start…..

The first thing I did was take a good hard look at my relationship with food. I love to cook, and I love to eat, but I was using food as way to temporarily alleviate my anxiety and depression. Last month I wrote how that was having the opposite effect and was actually contributing to my anxiety. I talked about some simple ways I used to curb my boredom and get back on track.

While I am certainly a work in progress, I have made some more substantial changes that have really made me much more mindful about what I am putting into my body, and I feel so much better physically and mentally. (As I am not a nutritional expert, I won’t go into greater detail; however, If this is something you want to talk about with me more on a personal level, please let me know).

The second thing I did was really up-level my fitness. I reminded myself that you have to make time for the things that are important to you. No matter what is happening around you, your health should always remain a priority. I also knew that I now had the time, so that long favored excuse no longer held any water. So I booked sessions with my favorite instructors and made those sessions nonnegotiable. These sessions and individuals hold me accountable. I think even the most motivated and self-disciplined individuals need this in their lives. Someone to push them outside of their comfort zone and someone to call them on their @#$%. Change doesn’t come easy.

If you need this in your life check out my new accountability program by filling out this survey.

I feel like I am back in control of my life, health, and fitness wise (at least). I am still at the mercy of COVID and the Commonwealth of Virginia when it comes to my business, but when the time comes to open up the studio to in-person clients, I know that my strong foundation will help me overcome and weather whatever life brings.

If you are struggling with your health and fitness, please reach out and let’s discuss your goals, and see what steps we can take to help you achieve them. I know I can’t be the only one who wants to come out of this crisis stronger, more adaptable and ready to take on the next one, because there will be more challenges that life throws at us.

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