20 Mins (Booty Band) Intermediate

In this class, we are going to use the booty band to up the intensity (re: Fire) in our glutes and hips.  If you don’t have a booty band you can absolutely still do this class (please don’t skip it; it’s a good one I promise).

I am taking a fitness approach to this class. We have 4 different series in this class.  Each series has multiple exercises and we will do each exercise 12 times.  We will repeat each series 3 times.  I love these series for sitting in front of the TV.  It gives me some great movement without requiring me to go into my studio or dedicate a ton of time or focus.

If you would like to purchase your own set of booty bands here are options on Amazon (Set of 3 Fabric Bands or Latex Resistance Bands set)  that are similar to the ones I use in the video.  You do not need both and please check the video intro to see the pros and cons of each.  If you have a regular Theraband you could also tie that long band into a loop and use that!

Let me know what you think and if you want to see more classes like this.