Here is a list of my favorite Pilates Props so you can get the most out of you Online Membership or Pilates practice in general.  If you have questions about anything or need another suggestion please let me know.  I use props sparingly, so if you an unable or unwilling to purchase any of these props, there are list lots of classes available.  I have also included a at least one class that uses each of these props.

  1. Magic Circle: Also called the “circle of fire;” an amazing way to take so many exercises to the next level (Class: 10 Magic Circle Fun)
  2. Resistance Band: great for a stretch or helping to add support or strength work to your mat class (15 Minute Stretch)
  3. Resistance Loops: Increase the burn for your leg and hip work (Class 17: Circle Band Fun)
  4. Foam Roller: The piece of equipment that everyone has a love hat relationship with. Great tool for release and stability work (Foam Rolling Tutorial).  This is also a more cost effective roller but it is very dense and a little less forgiving.
  5. TRX: When you want to reap the benefits of the reformer, tower or barre from the comfort of your own home (Class 8: PSM Introduction)
  6. Hand Weights: 2 pounds is a great weight for anyone and an easy way to add extra resistance to your upper body work.  I really like these Hand Weights too if you want to make a bit more of an investment. (Class 20: Hand Weights)
  7. Pilates Mat: You can’t beat a well made Pilates Mat.  Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats to better cushion your spine during supine or rolling exercises.
  8. Mini Pilates Ball: An incredibly versatile prop for adding support or challenge to countless exercises. (Class 4: Small Ball Workout)

Happy Shopping!

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