Welcome to my 2020 Pilates Jump Start Series!

In January, I did a 5-day Pilates Challenge to jump start your health and fitness for 2020.  Here are all 5 classes in one place for you to try out FREE.
Let me know what you think and remember to tag @laurenmarkpilates on social media or send me a picture or video of you doing the workout so I can cheer you on and help you stay accountable.

If you enjoyed this challenge and are looking for more please check out my Online Membership.  I have 40+ Pilates classes already on my site for you to choose from as well as tutorials to help you fine-tune your practice.  Every week I add 1 new class and I am happy to honor requests and suggestions.

If you are in Northern Virginia or fancy a more individualized class reach out to schedule an in-person session or a virtual session at Lauren@laurenmarkpilates.com or call me at (703) 594-9111

Class 1: Abdominals 
20 Mins (None) Everyone 
Class1 is a quick full-body workout that focuses on the abdominals.

Class 2: Upper Body
20 Mins (None) Everyone
Today’s class is another quick full-body workout that focuses on the lower body.

12 Mins (None) Everyone 
Day 3: Upper Body
Congrats you are more than halfway through the series! Today’s class is another quick full-body workout that focuses on the upper body.

Class 4: Obliques, Rotation, and Side Bending
15 Mins (None) Everyone 
Class 4 focuses on the obliques, rotation, and side bending. This is a challenging class but super fun!

Class 5: Extension
20 Mins (None) Everyone 
You have made it to class 5 of the series! Congrats, you are well on your way to establishing a consistent and frankly amazing Pilates practice for 2020. This last class is again total body with a focus on extension.