As a Pilates instructor in Northern Virginia, I am often asked…” why should I do Pilates? I already “insert favorite activity here” ( run, spin, golf, CrossFit, etc…).” Because Pilates will make you better at “insert favorite activity here” (running, spinning, golfing, CrossFit, etc…) Pilates is a total body workout that not only improves flexibility and strength it also helps develop better coordination, balance and posture.  For those looking to cross train with Pilates it is exceptional at correcting imbalances in the body that can occur from repetitive behaviors or activities.  

As a runner, you are only moving in one direction, forward.  Pilates moves the body in all directions.  Bending and twisting the body builds strength and mobility better preparing the body to handle lengthy road and trail runs.  On uneven terrain, strong abdominals, from a consistent Pilates practice, help keep the body upright and able to navigate obstacles with relative ease and avoid injury.  For those who enjoy tennis or golf, Pilates can help improve your balance and rotation for a more powerful an accurate forehand or swing.      

Many of our favorite activities and fitness pursuits are putting a lot of stress on our bodies.  Of course, some physical stress on the body is good because it causes your body to work harder, which ultimates builds strength and endurance.  However, too much stress on the body can result in injury, and fatigue and ultimately hinder your physical performance.  But we love so many of these physically demanding activities and want to be able to continue to enjoy them for years to come.  For example, weight training’s massive following is a testament to its effectiveness but it is demanding on the body.  Pilates is the perfect cross-training because it works the muscles and joints in a completely different but complementary way.  Pilates strengthens and lengthens your muscles helping to not only build strength but flexibility as well.  Adding Pilates into your regular training schedule will give you a more well-rounded fitness routine and ultimately improve your overall performance in the weight room.  Cycling continues to grow in popularity because it it an excellent workout and can be easier on the joints than running.  However, the cycling posture can put a lot of strain on the spine, which can result is poor posture off the bike contributing to pain throughout the rest of the body.  

Pilates is efficient and effective.  A one hour Pilates session 1 or 2 days a week is all your body needs, so adding Pilates into your fitness and wellness routine will not take away from your other activities, it will only enhance them.    

Pilates is low impact and safe for everyone, from the most elite athlete, to weekend warriors and expecting mothers.  Low impact doesn’t mean easy.  Pilates meets you where you are physically, and challenges you to reach your maximum potential, no matter your age or fitness level.  If you want to continue to lift heavy objects, swing a racket or club with ease or cover miles on the road or trail without injury and with increased efficiently and strength add Pilates into your fitness routine.  

Contact me today to schedule your private session.  I will develop a personalize Pilates practice that meets your needs and works to enhance all of the activities you already love.