Holiday Survival Series Part 2: Quick and effective Pilates sequences to keep you moving over the holidays 

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Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite exercises when you are short on time and just need to get moving. The holidays tend to involve a lot of excess and stress. Just a little bit of movement can have a big impact on counteracting that stress. Try out a few of these exercises and let me know how you work them into your day.  My recommendation is 8-10 receptions of each variation.

Abdominal Series
(8-10 Repetitions with each variation)
Start lying on your back with your spine and pelvis in neutral and your legs in table-top

Prone Series
(8-10 Repetitions with each variation)
Lay on your belly with your hips heavy and anchored to the mat with you abdominals engaged and lifted. Forehead is resting on your hands. Legs are wide and externally rotated.

Hips and Obliques
(8-10 Repetitions with each variation)
Start kneeling with arms in a “T” position.  Side bend and bring one hand down on the mat as the opposite leg extends out and your other hand comes behind the head. Keep your hips and shoulders square and stacked.

Plank Series 
(8-10 Repetitions with each variation)
Step out into a plank (either on your hands or forearms)

If you need a little more motivation this holiday season, its hard to beat the benefits you get from one-on-one instruction.  Reach out to me so we can get your holiday fitness sessions booked out! Or try my Online Membership for fun and challenging Pilates classes you can do anytime, anywhere!