Can Pilates help you regain strength and endurance after pregnancy?

YES!!!! Absolutely without a doubt, Pilates can help you recover and heal after the marathon that is pregnancy, labor, delivery and the early postpartum period at home with your new tiny human.  As a mom of two boys and a Pre and Post-natal Pilates Specialist, I can help you navigate this exciting yet challenging time.     

If you read my previous post  you know that my two pregnancies were very different and so were my two postpartum periods.  With my first son, I was so worried about getting my “pre-baby” body back that I jumped in without really knowing what I was doing and without the knowledge of what was happening to my body.  Did I get my “pre-baby” body back?  Yes, but it was stressful and exhausting, and in the end, it took a lot out of me emotionally and physically.  

With my second son, I had the benefit of my Pilates training to help me on the journey.  I took more time to heal, and I was kind to my body. My Pilates knowledge made for a more intelligently designed recovery program.  As a result, when I was physically and emotionally ready to start exercising again, I wasn’t bitter or stressed I was excited and invigorated.  I can tell you that I am stronger and more physically fit now after having two children than I have ever been in my life.  Pilates helped be do that!   

Just like with pregnancy, the postpartum period will be different for each woman.  When you decide to start a postpartum Pilates program, we will sit down together and talk about your experience during pregnancy, labor, delivery and what you have been going through now that you have brought your new baby home.  We will then develop a plan that is tailored specifically to you and will help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.     

A typical Post-Natal Pilates program focuses on:

Healing diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles):  During pregnancy as the uterus grows the abdominals stretch, particularly the recti abdominals (“6 pack muscles”).  This stretching can lead to separation.  Left untreated diastasis recti can lead to low back pain, restricted movement, and other complications. 

Strengthening the abdominal muscles: there is no doubt that pregnancy puts a great deal of stress on the abdominals.  In the postpartum period, we focus on retraining and strengthening the abdominals so they can help support you throughout your everyday life.

Strengthening the upper body and postural muscles: carrying a baby (and all the paraphernalia) not to mention feeding and regular care of a newborn can put a lot of stress on the upper body, which can lead to pain and poor posture.  We will work on increasing your strength and developing muscle endurance to avoid or eliminate pain. 

Increasing energy and managing stress: Countless studies show the effect that exercise has on increasing energy and managing stress.  Motherhood and caring for a baby is incredibly demanding both mentally and physically.  You owe it to yourself and your baby to find ways to manage stress and boost your energy.  

Once you have been cleared by your health care provider to resume exercise contact me to schedule your first post-natal Pilates session.  I am committed to helping you reconnect with your body so you can be be the best version of yourself as a woman and a mom.