Let’s be honest, Northern Virginia is stressful, expensive, and frankly, with all this traffic compounding school runs, commutes, and grocery shopping, it feels like there is never enough time or money.  As a Pilates instructor, I know the vital role exercise can play in countering all that stress and optimizing our bodies and minds to tackle these obstacles.  I also know fitness and health are often the first to go when we are overstressed, overworked and underfunded.  Let me tell you how private Pilates sessions can give you the most bang for your buck and keep your fitness and health goals on track.

Efficient: Pilates’ exercises build strength in your muscles and joints while also building length and flexibility, making it an incredibly efficient and effective workout.  When you only have 1 hour to exercise, why not get the absolute most you possibly can out of your workout with one-on-one attention.  I tailor every session to your individual and specifics needs and goals.  This is just not possible in a group setting for even the most accomplished instructor.

A private session is the best way to maximize your results because we will be utilizing the full range of the Pilates studio equipment (Balanced Body Reformer, Tower, Combo Chair and Barrels) as well as small props like balls, rings, weights, and the suspension trainer.  With so many different apparatus your body will be both supported and challenged, and with this many options, I can promise you will never have the same session twice!

Cost-Effective: At your first private session we will discuss your goals and needs from a physical fitness perspective as well as your lifestyle.  Then I will tailor a class specifically designed to meet those needs efficiently and effectively.  No hour is ever wasted which means no dollar is ever wasted.

Convenient: When do you like to workout? Early mornings, lunch, evenings? And how often? Once, twice, three times a week?  Private sessions are available when you need them.  No more scheduling your day around your fitness class and stressing about getting a spot or making it to a group class.  When you book a private session for a time that is convenient for you, the stress of keeping that commitment melts away, and you are more likely to stay committed to your practice long term.

Contact me today to schedule your initial private session at my studio, or for the ultimate convenience, why not book a regular in-home or office training session?  I will develop a personalized Pilates practice that meets your needs effectively and efficiently at a time and place that is convenient and stress-free.